Propose and implement off the shelf software and Apple Computer Publishing systems to replace dedicated Xerox systems.  Dramatic cost savings in equipment, software, maintenance fees, training and use of standard illustration and photo editing software.


apple computer

Presented a multi city promotional tour for Apple Corporate, emphasizing "A Day in the Life of an Engineer".  Focused on software tools for all aspects of design and implementation of new products.  This included Engineering, Rendering, Illustration, Marketing, Documentation, Video and other instances.  Emphasis was showing how design files can be brought through various software products to streamline development & deliverables.


international marine industries inc.

Quoted and contracted for outside development work for various systems.

Systems Included: Radar, Loran, Audio, Refrigeration, Inverters, Stoves, Winches & Water Purification.  

Deliverables Included: 3-D CAD files, Renderings, Manuals, Marketing Materials, Mockups & Prototypes.